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Getting Started on Project 1

The following websites (in no particular order) offer advice on writing short bio statements, like the writing you need to do for the Professional Biography Statements assignment:

To get started on Project 1, complete the following tasks this week:

  1. Read through several of the resources. Most of them are short, and you should be able to skim through them quickly. Pay attention to the advice you see them repeating and anything that catches your eye (whether it’s good or bad).

  2. Go to the "Readings for Project 1" topic in Discussions in Canvas, and post your response to the articles. You have been arranged in discussion groups, so you will only see the replies written by your group members. There are some questions to help you get started. Post replies to at least two other people in your group. All total you will add at least three replies: (1) your own original thoughts, and then (2 & 3) responses to what two people in your group have said. Be sure that your replies are well-developed.


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