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Project 3 Proposal Evaluation Section

The evaluation section of your proposal may feel a little challenging. You are used to teachers telling you what you have to do for a grade, and I’m asking you to do the opposite. You are setting goals for each level of work that you might complete in Project 3. I will review your proposal and let you know if it needs to be adjusted.

What Goes in the Evaluation Section of Your Proposal
Your proposal should outline the evaluation techniques (see p. 289 of Markel) for your project, giving me three levels:

  • Average Work ( a C project)
  • Above-Average Work (a B project)
  • Excellent Work (an A project)

Example 1

If I were going to work on my LinkedIn profile for Project 3, I might outline these expectations in the evaluation section of my proposal:

  • Average Work (a C project): clean up my Facebook and Twitter profiles and set up a LinkedIn profile with basic information.
  • Above-Average Work (a B project): complete the C project and fill out the LinkedIn profile completely.
  • Excellent work (an A project): complete the B project and add an attention-grabbing summary section to the LinkedIn profile as well as arrange the information on the profile so the most important information is in the first screen or two on the page.

Example 2

If I were going to work on my an online presence and portfolio as a communications major for Project 3, I might explain something like this:

  • Average work (a C project): create a short video portfolio that employers can use to view my on-camera anchor talent.
  • Above-average work (a B project): complete the C project and create a website on which to host the video. Use design elements to organize the website.
  • Excellent work (an A project): complete the B project and add a resume to the website. Update the resume so that it is current and accurate.


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