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Project 3 Examples

Your work for Project 3 is described as “job application materials.” In reality, you do not have to create materials for applying for a job. You have many other options. Here are some of the options that students have done in the past for this assignment:

  • a job posting and the résumé and cover letter you would use to apply for the job
  • an internship announcement and the materials you would use to apply for the internship
  • a scholarship announcement and the materials you would use to apply for that scholarship
  • a before image (PDF) of your LinkedIn profile and a link to your revised LinkedIn profile
  • before images of several online profiles (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) and then links to your newly cleaned up profiles
  • the link to a website you have built as a portfolio, which provides info about yourself and your accomplishments
  • the link to your GitHub repository with descriptions and well-documented code for projects you have done
  • the link to your profile, which provides info on your education and projects you have done
  • the link to a YouTube video that gives a guided tour of some work that you have done or presentations you have given
  • Update your LinkedIn profile to network with professionals where you will be working in the future

Do whatever makes sense for your field and career goals. You can combine and rearrange things as well. For example, I had some students in the past who cleaned up their existing online profiles and then created a LinkedIn profile to build a professional online persona.

This project is your chance to work on documents that you can use now and in the future. I’ve had students, for instance, who told me that their in-major advisors or advisors at Career Services kept telling them they needed to set up profiles on LinkedIn, but they never had time. They used this project to get that work done.


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