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Markel, Chapter 11: Writing Proposals

Tucker Torpedo, Proposed Center SteeringChapter 11 of Markel provides details on writing a wide range of proposals. The document you will write for Project 3 is a short, informal proposal.

You will find that the information in the textbook focuses on more complex proposals than what you are doing, so you need to read the chapter with your goals in mind. You need to learn about proposals generally, as you will probably write them once you graduate; but you also need to glean the specific information for the proposal you are writing for this course.

The assignment outlines the parts that your proposal needs to include and the relevant details on each section in the text:

  • summary (p. 282–283)
  • introduction, which explains the findings of your research and your needs (p. 283)
  • proposed tasks, that is what you propose to create for Project 3 (p. 283–286)
  • task schedule (p. 287–289)
  • evaluation techniques (p. 289), which outlines three levels of work for Project 3:
    • Average Work ( a C project)
    • Above-Average Work (a B project)
    • Excellent Work (an A project)

Those are the pages in the chapter to pay the most attention to. You will need to adapt the information to fit what you are doing, but the general information is all there.

Reading Quiz

After reading the chapter, complete the reading quiz in Canvas for Chapter 11.


Photo: Tucker Torpedo, Proposed Center Steering by Alden Jewell, on Flickr


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